Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following FAQ's and if your question is still not answered we would be happy to help you.

What is a booter/stresser?

An IP stresser is a tool designed to test a network or server for robustness. The administrator may run a stress test in order to determine whether the existing resources (bandwidth, CPU, etc.) are sufficient to handle additional load.

What are layer 4 methods?

Protocol Based Attacks focus on exploiting a weakness in Layers 3 or 4 of the protocol stack. Such attacks consume all the processing capacity of the victim or other critical resources (a firewall, for example), resulting in service disruption. Syn Flood and Ping of Death are some examples. Volumetric Attacks send high volumes of traffic in an effort to saturate a victim’s bandwidth. Volumetric attacks are easy to generate by employing simple amplification techniques, so these are the most common forms of attack. UDP Flood, TCP Flood, NTP Amplification and DNS Amplification are some examples.

How long does it take to activate my package?

Str3ssed offers automated services, after coinpayments declares the payment as "complete" it usually takes another 10 minutes for you to receive your purchased package. Paying extra crypto currency transfer fees would automatically get you the package faster as the payment would confirm faster.

I sent less money by mistake, what do i do?

Some wallets take their own fees and send the remaining money to the address, and in such a situation you under pay for the package. When this happens, coinpayments allows you to send additional coins to cover up the difference or they provide you with a full refund. This is also automated and the refund information is communicated via email.

Why is your total network power only 700Gbps?

700Gbps is a lot of power, it can take down anything with a small level of protection as well, infact anybody who says they can get higher than this is lying to you. We are honest about our power, we do not believe in lying and hence our retaining customers are much higher than any other booter on this market.

What is the difference between VIP and Non-VIP?

VIP plans usually get an average of 60% more power than regular packages. VIP plans also gives customers priority support service. 50Gbps customers have the highest priority overall followed by VIP.

What if i require more than 50Gbps power?

In such a case, we can buy you your own dedicated servers (minimum of 10) and link them with our panel. This way you will have unlimited access to the servers with maximum power and no time or boot limits. If you are willing to purchase such, please get in touch with us via our ticketing system.

Why am i unable to take down some servers?

When hitting an IP, it is important to know what kind of DDoS Protection services are active on the server. For example, servers from OVH come with 500+Gbps of DDoS Protection and hence it is impossible to take those down. Not only with Str3ssed but any other. (Please make sure you test your own servers only.)

Can i have multiple packages at the same time?

Our friendly system allows you to purchase another package before your current one has finished. The new package will on start when the old one is over. However you can switch between different packages and the system will automatically reduce your days based on how much you have used the package.

Why are my boots per day not resetting?

In order to avoid abuse, our system automatically resets boots 24 hours from the boot. For example, if i used 2 boots, the first one was 3 hours ago and the second one was 1 hour ago. The system will reset your first boot in 21 hours and the second boot in 23 hours.

Can i share my account with a friend?

Based on str3ssed terms and conditions, you cannot share your account or sell your account to anyone. If the system detects such an account, it will auto-ban the account and you will loose access to your package.

Can i have more than 1 account?

Unlike other booters, we allow each user a maximum of 3 accounts. If we find more than 3 accounts registered and being used by the same person, we will terminate all their accounts and no refund will be provided.

Why is PayPal no longer available?

PayPal do not allow such services to be registered on their platform and hence we no longer have an account with PayPal. This is inturn good for you as a customer because your data will be secure and anonymous, without PayPal you do not need to use your actual identity anywhere.

Why are layer 7 methods no longer available?

Layer 7 methods are highly unsecure as they can be traced back to the servers and hence back to you as a customer. In order to keep you and us secure, we have eliminated layer 7 methods. However, with a little research websites can be converted to IPv4's and taken offline with Layer 4 methods.

Can i be traced as a customer?

Str3ssed uses secure IP header modification and hence no attacks can be traced back to us and therefore no attacks can be traced back to you.

How is my data protected?

Our site is layered by SSL and payment parameters are heavily encrypted using AES256 bit encryption and randomized hashing algorithms. All passwords and other sensitive data are hashed using todays highest security standard. Security is top priority for us and we have never had vulnerabilities or any issues securing our site.

End of FAQ.