Features and power



Have you ever paid via card or PayPal on a stresser? Well they have all your information! Str3ssed only uses crypto-currencies for its payments and regularly clears logs. This makes us the safest stresser to use out there, we take the security and safety of our customers very seriously!

The Best Methods

We have methods that other stressers and network stresser haven't even heard about! Our advanced code allows us to provide the best methods which are customised by str3ssed ip stresser itself hence allowing us to guarantee the power.

Dedicated Servers

Unlike regular booters and stressers, we use an advanced algorithm to connect with our dedicated servers making them 2x more efficient and powerful. Each server is customised to perform just as per as our customers needs. And ofcourse, if you login and see our network status page, you will always get live information as to how the servers are performing.

Advanced Yet Simple Source!

Our website has been programmed in such a way as to provide you with the best and most advanced functions without complicating the website panel too much! I am sure many of you do not know how to switch payloads and adjust configurations(our competitors cannot simplify it), and that is why our simple to use stresser automatically changes the payload and settings of the method with artificial intelligence and pervious attacks hence giving you the best power and making us the top booter in the market.

Untraceable/spoofed Penetration

We're using recursive DNS servers, SSDP and NTP amplifiers among other advanced algorithm which guarantees that none of the attacks will be traced back to our servers and there to you as a customer!

API Access

Our system uses a sophisticated API system which allows users to perform operations using their own servers and customizations!

Why Str3ssed?

Well for starters, Str3ssed IP stresser and booter has been running for over 9 years now! Yes that is indeed a long time for us to understand how our customers like to be treated with the best power available. We know 1000Gbps(competitors) is not possible, and therefore we keep it truthful with our customers by offering packages which include power information and guaranteed power.(Ofcourse there are times when the power is a lot more than what we write).

Sign Up now!

We could keep going on about how great our ip stresser is and how we have spent the last 9 year perfecting everything to make sure none of our customers faces any issues and get the best service provided! We have millions of customers who can vouch for us but as you have already seen, we like to keep anonymous, secure and safe ;).