Referral System

We have added a referral system which allows users to bring in more users and receive free booter packages for their effort. The tables below will explain how the refferal system works. In order to receive your package please open a ticket and we will help you out! Please note that all accounts will be checked for bots and if the verification fails you will not receive any package

Where do i check my stats?

The stats are available on the "My Account" page after you login into the booter panel

What is the difference between "Total Registered Accounts" and "Active with plan"

"Total Accounts registered" shows how many people have registered an account using your referral link while "Active with plan" shows how many of those users have an active plan on Str3ssed ip stresser and hence you get bigger plans for "Active with plan"

Total Registered Accounts

Number of accounts Available Package
100 Bronze Monthly
200 Gold Montly
500 VIP Platinum Montly
1000 2 Conc VIP Ultimate

Active with plan

Number of accounts Available Package
10 Silver Monthly
25 VIP Platinum Montly
40 2 Conc VIP Ultimate
100 50Gbps Special