Terms and Conditions

Terms of service for using str3ssed

Please fully read our Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy. Violating our policies will result in your service being suspended without notice.
1) By purchasing Str3ssed Network Booter/Stresser you agree to our ToS. And we have all rights to close your account without informing you.
2) By registering with us you, you give us permission to send you emails for website and other developments.
3) We are not responsible for how ever you use this Booter/Stresser. We are not responsible if you use this service for stressing other servers instead of your own. Doing so can lead to various consequences.
4) Account sharing is not allowed and anyone caught doing so shall be banned without any notice and refunds.
5) We have all right to close this project when we want to and this can be due to financial or other reasons.
6) We do not give any refunds unless there is an extreme case. If you dispute the payment your IP and account will be banned and you shall loose the money as we have professional PayPal dispute handlers.
7) We decide if we want to sell a plan to you, you have no rights of abusing or talking rudely to any customer support agent.
8) These Terms can be changed anytime we feel like. It is best you keep updated here.
8) We are not responsible if your payment does not reach us, in that case we cannot provide you any service. Be sure to purchase from site and not a reseller.
Thank you