Terms and Conditions

Please fully read our Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy. Violating our policies will result in your service being suspended without notice.


By purchasing Str3ssed Packages, you agree with the terms and conditions stated below. Failure to comply with these can result in closure of the account without informing the customer or providing more information as why their account has been closed.

E-mail Address

Str3ssed IP stresser customers are required to provide their email on registering, thus agreeing to allow Str3ssed to send them promotional, updates and change of domain email notifications as well as password reset and closure of account emails. Failure to provide a working email can result in the loss of an account as we may decide not to recover the account based on payment information as this could have been achieved in an illegal manner. The email address is used as the main identification of the account and hence cannot be changed.


Str3ssed allows users to purchase packages based on their email address and regularly cleans the database for efficient and quick running of the website. With numerous users on the website, it is not possible to monitor activity of the customers and hence Str3ssed is not responsible for any actions by its customers. Attacking IP addresses without the consent from its owner is not allowed and can lead to various consequences.

In order to keep str3ssed secure and avoid any data leakage to unknown authorities, str3ssed cleans their databases on a regular basis. VPN's are allowed to be used by customers as an added protection to hide their IP address for falling in the wrong hands.

Using our services against Cloudflare, or any services provided by Cloudflare is strictly against the terms of service and can result in a permanent account, IP and payment ban.

Account Sharing

Account sharing is strictly prohibited. Customers caught sharing or selling their accounts to other users for a fee or for free will loose access to thier account and all future accounts created by them. These accounts will be closed with a reason stating "Stolen account" and will loose its ability to stress test.

Payments & Refunds

Str3ssed may occasionally accept PayPal, when a customer pays with PayPal, their original IP will be required as a VPN will not be allowed past the PayPal purchase page. This is to prevent the user from using hacked cards and paypal accounts to make payments. Str3ssed also follows a no refund policy on all types of payment methods including crypto-currencies and PayPal. Hence any disputes will result in the IP being banned and hire of professional PayPal dispute handlers in order to prevent the refund from taking place.

All payments should be handled directly through the puchase page and not through any middle man or third parties. Even staff will not be allowed to accept payments directly from customers. Paying a staff member or using any middle man or third party can result in permanent closure of the str3ssed account.

Professional behaviour

Str3ssed staff are entirely there to help you out, using abusive language or threatening staff members of Str3ssed will result in closure of your account and your IP will be banned to prevent any future registration and payments from the customer.

Termination & Change of terms

In an event where str3ssed can no longer provide services, the project can be terminated without any warning or updating customers. Various reasons can lead to this such as financial crisis or unavailability of staff and servers. No refunds will be provided in such a scenario

Str3ssed reserves the rights to change these terms at any given time without any notice for the better of its customers and the project itself as a whole.

End of terms